Rebound™ Fabric

Tough and beautiful with exclusive performance properties. Made of PTT, a type of polyester fiber, they provide a soft, stretchy texture with gentle cushioning and vivid colors. Biomass-derived, plant-based ingredients are used for 37% of the polymers that make up the fabric. The results are incredible: a rugged, ready-for-anything fabric that stays both comfortable and breathable. These are advantages that could never be achieved with traditional polyester, polyurethane, or nylon alone. The characteristics are derived from a helical molecular structure that, when woven, emulates the surface of a leaf with self-cleaning properties, giving it nice resistance to water, coffee, wine, and dirt. It also makes them more comfortable to wear and use. 

  • 100% PTT Polyester fibers.
  • Woven in a twill pattern.
  • Lightweight 178 gsm.
  • Easy mechanical 4-way stretch.
  • Fully recovers and keeps its shape.
  • Soft-peach finish on both sides.
  • Batch Relax™ treated for wrinkle resistance.
  • Water repellent and stain resistant.
  • Woven in Japan.
  • Premium grade Air Stitch™ nylon thread.
  • Curved waist design for a molded mid-section.
  • Diamond-shaped anti-ball-crushing gusset.
  • Modern zippered rear pockets.
  • Large zippered pocket inside front right pocket.
  • Smaller open pocket inside front left pocket.
  • Deep front pocket design.
  • Reflective tape inside both leg openings.
  • Slim-tapered design.