Look at Her Go!

What an amazing launch. It sure looks like we've struck a cord with frustrated men all over the world, so we're doubling down on our efforts to find more men just like you. Do you know anybody else that might want these? Share the campaign with them! The more people we get on board, the bigger the chances of expanding the product lineup.

As the campaign progresses, we'll be advancing the manufacturing stage ahead of time. You see, we're able to make funding projections based on current progress, so instead of waiting for the campaign to wrap up to begin manufacturing, we'll be ordering fabrics way ahead of time. We hope this shaves off a full month from our delivery time frame.

On another note: check out those stitching details up above! That's the main left pocket up close. See that small reinforcement tack on the bottom right? It'll come in handy a few years from now.

That's it for now. Short and sweet.

Have any questions? Comment below!

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Pants look great guys! I’m getting back to the office soon, so hurry it up lol

Daniel K. April 18, 2021

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