Necklow Sleep Pillow

Featuring 8 million micro airballs that adapt to your sleeping position. Whether you're a side, back, or stomach sleeper, the Necklow Sleep Pillow is perfect for you. You don’t need to fluff it or fix it. Deeper sleep means reduced snoring and higher-quality rest.

🔮 8 million micro airballs
😌 Good for sensitive skin
🌬️ Breathable
❄️ Cooling
💦 Machine-washable

Necklow Relaxer

Yes, the Necklow Relaxer may look simple, but it’s a smart combination of an orthotic device and a personal massager. It helps to alleviate nagging neck pain, stretch neck muscles, restore the right cervical spine alignment, loosen tense jaw muscles, and release shoulder tension. A must-have for those struggling with neck pain.

Fun fact: Have you heard about cervical traction? Simply speaking, it’s an advanced (yet gentle and safe) stretching process. Its goal is to pull the head away from the neck to ensure a deep stretching and expansion of this area.


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