Jetsetter Tech Pants

$98 $198
Tough, comfortable, & clean enough to wear 365 days a year, anywhere you go. A spacious crotch design, butt-molding curved waist, & stretch with full recovery make these the pants to travel the world in.

Jetsetter Tech Pants

$98 $198
Tough, comfortable, & clean enough to wear 365 days a year, anywhere you go. A spacious crotch design, butt-molding curved waist, & stretch with full recovery make these the pants to travel the world in.
Color:   Charcoal Gray
Waist:   Slim Fit  32"
Slim fit is trim - not tight. It flatters but doesn’t flaunt. Fits true to size and requires no breaking in.
Choose based on height. If in between sizes, you'll need to cuff with the larger size. Longer legs should size up.
Absolutely love them,
or your money back.
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We wanted to create a smart, casual, and comfortable six-pocket pant that wouldn't hold us back. A pant we could wear everyday, all day, no matter where we would be. A pant that stays dry in light rain, yet dries fast if it does get wet. A pant that shrugs off coffee and beer. A pant that looks and smells good even if you never wash them. A pant that's breathable enough for the hot and humid, yet substantive enough for year-round use. A pant that molds your butt and doesn't bag out towards the end of the day. A pant that keeps our essentials safe, even inside of tight crowds. A pant you can travel with through mud, dust and grime, and still walk into a restaurant looking sharp. A pant that keeps us safe while commuting at night. A pant that's more comfortable than anything that came before it, and looks better than anything that's this comfortable. A pant designed for comfort on the longest days, even those that stretch past time zones.

Rebound™ Fabric

Tough and beautiful with exclusive performance properties. Made of PTT, a type of polyester fiber, they provide a soft, stretchy texture with gentle cushioning and vivid colors. Biomass-derived, plant-based ingredients are used for 37% of the polymers that make up the fabric. The results are incredible: a rugged, ready-for-anything fabric that stays both comfortable and breathable. These are advantages that could never be achieved with traditional polyester, polyurethane, or nylon alone. The characteristics are derived from a helical molecular structure that, when woven, emulates the surface of a leaf with self-cleaning properties, giving it nice resistance to water, coffee, wine, and dirt. It also makes them more comfortable to wear and use. 

  • 100% PTT Polyester fibers.
  • Woven in a twill pattern.
  • Lightweight 178 gsm.
  • Easy mechanical 4-way stretch.
  • Fully recovers and keeps its shape.
  • Soft-peach finish on both sides.
  • Batch Relax™ treated for wrinkle resistance.
  • Water repellent and stain resistant.
  • Woven in Japan.
  • Premium grade Air Stitch™ nylon thread.
  • Curved waist design for a molded mid-section.
  • Diamond-shaped anti-ball-crushing gusset.
  • Modern zippered rear pockets.
  • Large zippered pocket inside front right pocket.
  • Smaller open pocket inside front left pocket.
  • Deep front pocket design.
  • Reflective tape inside both leg openings.
  • Slim-tapered design.

Our fibers are known for their ultra soft textures, but that doesn't mean they'll pill or fade out. They'll maintain their vivid colors, keep their original shape, and stay wrinkle-free.

Wash them care-free by throwing them in the washer in a regular cycle with cold water. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry in a low heat setting or air dry.

Unlike crowdfunding platforms, you get the full weight of benefits from online shopping with guaranteed delivery on your preorder. Absolutely love the way you look and feel in them, or get a full refund, no questions asked. Take 30 days from the time you receive your product to test them out. You can then decide if you want to exchange or return them. Return shipping is free and easy. The pants carry a lifetime manufacturing defects warranty.

Get more out of your pants.

We get it, trousers can be a pain, but so can rough materials last time we checked. Made with filament fibers that feel soft, stretch easily, and recover in full, they'll stay nice and snug without bagging out. Match them with anything for carefree weekday and weekend shenanigans.

Easy Outfits

Not too dressy; not too casual.

We believe the time spent wearing your pants reveals how you feel about them, so we designed them to match easily with any work or weekend vibes.

• Wear them for longer without discomfort.
• Look good no matter the occassion.
• Matches well with anything.

Back to the office?

Keeps you looking spiffy.

Don't be left out by living the sweatpants life while your colleages laugh at jokes you didn’t hear, remark on gossip you missed, or compare notes on projects you weren’t aware of.

• Go back out in style.
• Travel the world comfortably.
• Take back control of key meetups.