Are you tired of cheap spray bottles that provide uneven coverage and leave your hair soaking wet? Bathpack is proud to offer a new and exciting solution. Our Eternity Spray Bottle creates a fine and broad mist, making it perfect for dampening hair. The light, long-duration spray allows you to evenly moisten your hair without adding excess water that takes ages to dry. 

This bottle is made with sturdy, black and clear plastic and is incredibly easy to use. Simply unscrew the lid to remove it, add water, and pump the spray handle to create enough pressure to start the mist. If you don’t need a full spray, simply pull up on the handle to stop the flow. This bottle is perfect for refreshing curly hair in the mornings or getting hair damp enough to apply product. 

Hairdressers love using this spray bottle because it’s a quick and easy way to rehydrate hair if it keeps drying out during a cut. With this convenient bottle, you don’t even need to provide a wash to give a great haircut every time. If you don’t usually use a spray bottle when styling your hair, it’s still an amazing tool for use around the house. Try it today!


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