It’s time to give your hair a much-needed break from daily washes and traditional shampoo. Introducing the NO H2O Dry Shampoo that renews, revives, and volumizes leaving your locks full and flowing. No H2O will eliminate traces of oil throughout your hair and hairline, leaving you with weightless, natural-looking volume. Good luck keeping your hands off it. 

Product Details:

Dry cleanser and natural volumizer for full, touchable body

Thermal protectant shields your hair from heat, sealing in moisture and taming unruly frizz

Convenience in a bottle for an incredible hair day and confidence boost any day of the week

Perfect for all hair types

How to use it:

SHAKE IT UP. Apply to dry, thirsty hair on no-wash days. Spray evenly throughout your head and scalp. Using your fingers, massage into your scalp and through your hair. For longer hair, try flipping your head over and then spraying to make sure no strands feel left out. 


SLS and Paraben free


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NO H2O Dry Shampoo

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