The key to the perfect nut sack.



Stops the boys from swinging around.


Wear & Forget

No more adjustments.

Ball-friendly underwear.

We're all pretty much used to same problem: ball crush! Whether it's sitting down or bending over to tie your shoe, all that flopping around can get uncomfortable real quick. That's why we designed Antigravity Boxer Briefs with magical fabrics and a special pouch that keep the boys in place without any discomfort at all.

Prevents ball crush.

Bigger guys know what it’s like to have their junk crushed by underwear that doesn’t fit right.

• Provides generous space.
• Gently wraps them in a nest.
• Avoids unnecessary adjustments.


Keeps your butt snug.

They hug your mid-section without any discomfort or annoying pinching.

• Stops wedgies and swamp butt.
• Allows for free movement.
• Stretches but never sags.


Keeps your junk in place.

Whether it's sitting down or bending over to tie your shoe, your junk likes to make its presence known.

• Keeps them safe and secure.
• Prevents accidental slip-outs.
• Won't feel tight or restrictive.


Stops dick choking.

No more awkward fly openings when you got to go.

• Promotes a steady stream.
• Allows for one-handed relief.
• No need to pull down your underwear.


Abolishes ride-up.

Fulcrum-shaped legs wrap your thighs and stay in place.

• Creates a sturdy hold.
• Stays in place for longer.
• Prevents awkward bunching.


Fits like a dream.

These boxer briefs provide more room for bigger balls while also preventing ball crush from happening altogether. No more tightness or unnecessary adjustments!

Life is too short to spend
it adjusting your balls.

Jack Archer
Tommy John
Second Skin
Mack Weldon
18-Hour Jersey
NO Junk Crush
NO Flopping
NO Choking
NO Tightness
Your Investment
$34 $49

Lasts longer


Replace often


Replace often

Poorly designed underwear can feel embarrassing & uncomfortable. That's why we designed the Antigravity Boxer Briefs with new-age MicroModal fabric that ensures you always have something smooth & reliable waiting for you.


Underwear designed
to be forgotten.


Choose a style.

Our styles were carefully designed to fit guys with different tastes. Longer legs prevent ride-up.


Get your usual size.

95% of our customers get their perfect size right the first time. The other 5% got free exchanges!


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We'll ship them to you, straight to your door. Shipping is free on orders over $150.

Best part is, getting your hands on cloud-like comfort is easy and won't break the bank.


Shop 100% Risk-Free

Our customers are loving how confident it makes them feel. Grab your pair today:

Alt_Ultrasmooth MicroModal® fabric with stretch.Alt_Zero-G™ pouch nests the boys & keeps them in place.
No Ride Up

Antigravity Boxer Brief

8" – Best-seller with no ride-up.
$34 $49
Alt_Ultrasmooth MicroModal® fabric with stretch.Alt_Cradles the boys and keeps them in place.

Antigravity Boxer Brief

5" – Not too short, not too long.
$34 $49
Alt_Ultrasmooth MicroModal® fabric with stretch.Alt_Cradles the boys and keeps them in place.

Antigravity Boxer Brief

2" – Sky's out, thighs out.
$34 $49

Shopping that
thinks ahead.


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Frequently asked questions.

Made from sustainably-grown Beechwood tree fibers, MicroModal™ fabric provides a soft and stretchy texture with gentle cushioning and vivid colors. It's twice as soft as Cotton and highly breathable, making them more comfortable to wear on long and warm days.

It depends on your preference in looks after you take off you underwear, although the longer 8" boxer briefs work wonders in preventing ride-up by grasping the leg in a fulcrum shape. Unlike other underwear, all three styles have flat leg seems that won't show that embarrassing line over your pants!

The horizontal fly is a leap forward in convenienve. It flips the typical fly 90 degrees and places it right above the penis with minimal fabric overlap, allowing for a top-down entry instead of a sideways maze. This means you won't have to pry open any elastics or pull your underwear down for a comfortable stream. Just zip down, pull out, and get instant relief.

The waistband looks different because it's covered in fabric! We skipped the tight rubber band feeling and opted for a comfortably light hug instead. In fact, you'll forget you're even wearing anything, which can go a long way in keeping you focused on the task at hand. Added bonus: branding is minimal and classy.

We've got you covered. You can either exchange them for another size or return them for a full refund. You have a full 30 days to decide. Return shipping is on the house.

Today! We believe you shouldn't have to deal with stock-outs and shipping delays this holiday season, so we created the PriceGuard™ Money-Back Guarantee. We're offering you early bird pricing so you can shop early without the hassle of crowds and confusing offers. Best of all, you get guaranteed best pricing, so if the price ever drops 6 months from now, we'll refund the difference, no questions asked!

We all know how slow returns can be. But not anymore. When you place an exchange request, you can get your new size or color shipped instantly, on the spot, all without having to go to the post office first. We trust that you'll return them, so there's no more waiting for returns to be processed before you get your new size.

Why you deserve better underwear.

We love these modern marvels because they feel light and liberating. They give us ultimate comfort by gently cradling the boys, practically lifting them off the ground. We get quicker access at the john without having to untie knots or pry open elastics. The waistband hugs without chafing and, best of all, there's no more poking or prodding at the boys.